Meet Richard

I work with teens, couples and individual adults on relationship issues, depression, anxiety, trauma, substance and behavioral addictions. The goal for therapy may be to improve a specific pattern, behavior or relationship, but ultimately my hope is that you feel more alive, embodied, connected, resilient and self-accepting. As a foundation, I believe that our lives are defined by who and what we love, and it's loneliness that causes the most suffering. As someone that has learned to relax my British “stiff upper lip”, navigating my own emotional, relationship and family dynamics along the way, I have learned to value connection above all. Neuroscience and empirical research in therapeutic process underline the foundational importance of human connection to healing. Human capacities and well-being flourish in the context of a safe and positive relationship. My years of working clinically with young people and families in the wilderness affirm this.


My Approach

My approach as a therapist starts with building a safe and trusting environment within which vulnerabilities, difficult experiences and unhelpful patterns can emerge and new experiments in relating can be attempted. This approach takes courage, whether working individually or with your partner. It can feel risky to speak the truth, to embrace the parts of you that you have been pushing away - even just to slow down and be in the present moment.

Therapy should be challenging, but it should also be collaborative, responsive and deeply fulfilling.

From my background in theater, gestalt and group therapy, I bring a collaborative and creative approach. I’m not here to diagnose and “fix” you. I believe you have everything you need to heal within you, so I want to know about your unique strengths and passions.

Our path together is guided by my experience and training, but it is unique to you and led by your intuition. I am trained in psychodynamic, mindfulness-informed and experiential approaches, as well as DBT and CBT. As for the letters after my name, I hold a Masters of Clinical Social Work from Smith College, a first-class (cum laude) undergraduate degree in Theater, French and Philosophy from the University of Lancaster (UK), and a PhD in Experimental Theater. As a social worker, I seek to understand the corrosive impact that negative social forces can have on individuals and relationships. I am committed to a diverse, inclusive and LGBTQ-friendly practice. Schedule your appointment with me today.