Meet Sarah

I am a very passionate person and get energy from the success that people achieve through therapy. I enjoy helping people see the positive potential in their life. Personal experiences have helped me realize the importance of finding balance which can be difficult. We strive to find our place and get caught in everyday life and crises. I work to be a supporting beam for others until they learn the tools to build their own supports. We are complex individuals made of many different parts and influences, all of which make us unique.

Therapist, Sarah Malsom

Why me? Who do you think you are?

I have been told I have an old soul. Maybe it is the many funerals I have sang at, or the 6 years working with homicidal, suicidal and gravely disabled individuals that made me realize how fragile and lucky I am to be alive. In my twenties I obtained custody of a 16 and 15 year old  who taught me more than I could ever have imagined. I have lived an extreme life rally racing with my older brother and having several near death experiences. Well rounded and fulfilled I like to think- my mom and dad beg to differ. Probation officer, adoption agency, 10 years of addiction counseling then add in my 5 year old daughter... Yep! That is me.

I have a huge heart and a strong soul. I will meet you where you are and then walk with you, working together to find tools to a simpler, more fulfilling life. I am looking forward to hearing your story. Schedule your appointment with me today.