What our clients are saying

Carrie Hammond is an insightful, compassionate, expert therapist who will guide you through this difficult stage in your relationship. Step-by-step, she will get you where you want to go. She knows each turn you need to take, and each choice that you need to make. I trust her guidance completely, and recommend her without reservation.
— Brent J. Atkinson, Ph.D., Author of "Emotional Intelligence in Couples Therapy: Advances from Neurobiology and the Science of Intimate Relationships" and "Developing Habits for Relationship Success," Professor Emeritus of Marriage and Family Therapy, Northern Illinois University, Co-founder of The Couples Clinic in Geneva, Illinois
So I can see one of your superpowers: you have the ability to hold people’s well-being in your heart and mind, and implement helpful actions in concrete ways. That is the nature of your business success. It is also what you were doing with me. Perhaps it is just a relational skill that you have. But not all people do it like you are doing it. It is worth acknowledging, examining, and expanding - which you were doing by the nature of your work.
(I am so lucky to have you in my life. Thank you)
— AW in Boulder
Of the 4 counselors we tried, you were by far the best!
— WM, Denver

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We seriously cannot recommend Carrie enough- her level of professionalism, common sense approach and wicked sense of humor create the perfect environment for both personal growth and doing the hard work of continuing to build and maintain a healthy relationship. Knowing that we have a safe place to bring issues when we hit a road block does wonders for our relationship, and we both look forward to sessions, even when the subject isn’t a light one.
— JS in Denver
I’ve been working with Carrie for a few years now. She has a very calm and understanding presence about her. Her professionalism has always made me feel very comfortable during our time together. She has given me great tools and advice that I utilize in my day to day life. I would gladly recommend her to anyone.
— CJ, Denver
Thank you, Carrie, for all of your help, support and honesty during our time together. We both truly appreciate you and what you do to help couples that are strong get back to the reasons why we are strong. My husband was reluctant at first, but your personality and energy kept him engaged and he actually LIKES our sessions with you, realizing they just make us stronger! Thank you so much!
— JM in Denver
My wife and I worked with Carrie for about 6 months, her insights and tools helped us immeasurably. It didn’t happen overnight, but she gave us the skills to talk to each other and work through our problems. I would recommend Carrie without hesitation to anyone who needs help sorting out relationship problems.
— HW, Lakewood
If I were to pick three words to describe Carrie I would go with: straightforward (in the most helpful way!), knowledgable, and understanding. I trust her when referring clients to her Center.
— MK, Westminster, fellow Therapist
I had the pleasure of working alongside Erika Holmes for the past year and a half. In my experience, she is a kind and knowledgeable therapist who cares greatly about her client’s well-being and overall satisfaction in life. I would recommend Erika as a therapist to any of my family members and friends; to anyone looking for understanding, compassion, and a little helpful humor in creating a meaningful, values-driven life.
— Chelsea F, Watkins, CO
Just wanted to say thank you! You have done so much to help me and I truly appreciate it. I spoke with the chaplain you recommended and he agreed that it doesn’t sound like the marriage has no chance at all. He is going to contact my husband’s chaplain on Monday and go from there. Thank you again, you are an amazing and rare person.
— MJ, Castle Rock
I wish I could give Carrie more stars. She has really helped me over the past few months to dig deep to get the hard work done. She provided safety to face hard issues and has provided the tools I need to better communicate in my relationships with my family. She supported and encouraged me to find the strength within myself to have better, healthier and happier relationships.
— KW, Denver
Carrie Hammond has the most delicate, intuitive, intelligent and compassionate approach to therapy. She creates a most comfortable and safe place for you to open up and explore what you might not really want to. She doesn’t give the cliche “oh, and how does that make you feel” response. She gives genuine feedback that you can process, take away and apply to your life. She helps you grow and heal. A real breath of fresh air.
— HB, Greenwood Village
Erika Holmes was my primary therapist at Eating Recovery Center for almost 4 months. She is one of the best therapists I have ever had! She is so kind and so caring and has an awesome sense of humor! She made me feel so loved and cared about. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. She is the best!
— Kelsey W, Saline, MI
I am a fellow couples therapist who had the good fortune to meet Carrie at an intensive training last year and have continued contact through an ongoing case consultation group. I found I respected her immediately when training together, and that respect has grown both personally and professionally over the past year. She is a caring, compassionate, intuitive and brilliant clinician who clearly and consistency demonstrates a commitment to providing the highest quality care to her clients. She is well-versed in the best research and methods for improving relationships. If you’re seeking a top-notch couples therapist, look no further.
— DJ, Madison, WI
[Carrie]’s definitely the kind of therapist you’d crush happy hour with after a session and she texts and is easy to get a hold of and is super straight up and cuts through the bullshit.
— CA, Denver