CCFT Philosopy and approach with couples... WHY WE STAND ABOVE THE REST

We Believe in The SCIENCE of Relationship Success

Our approach to couples counseling differs from that of most therapists.

We take a very scientific approach to couples therapy in that we count on the past 40 + years of scientifically validated research specifically on couples to guide our practice. During sessions with all our couples, we go over the exact habits you need in order to have a successful partnership, the habits you need to avoid, and the anatomy of a fight – HOW to fight fair. We show couples the exact steps to take. It’s not rocket science, it’s research. It’s building new habits and basically putting them into muscle memory, except in your brain.

Independently voted Top 3 Marriage Counselors in Denver for 2017, 2018, and 2019!

Best Marriage counselors in Denver
Best Marriage counselors in Denver
Best Marriage counselors in Denver

Successful couples aren’t without conflict, to the contrary they fight like the best of them. However, they do something that most of the population doesn’t know how to do. They know how to repair the rupture quickly and effectively. PERIOD. They have a tool chest of habits that enable them to take total responsibility for their actions, especially when they royally screw up. If their partner or spouse is the one messing up that day, they know how to bring their “A-game”. They know the skills and tools needed to manage the situation and not escalate it. We want to give YOU these tools.

We ask you to commit to weekly sessions at first, if possible, and when we feel you are ready, we will suggest moving to less frequent meetings. Here’s another thing we do differently, we WANT you to check in with us when we aren’t in session. One session a week is hardly sufficient for some couples. If you are having a tough moment, call us! Email us! Text us! We don’t want you stumbling around or in pain for days, that would be ridiculous.

We need all future clients to understand our very direct approach. We will…

  1. Ask for your permission to interrupt you when things get heated

  2. Reword what you’ve just said so it is better received

  3. Occasionally ask one of you to leave the room so we can help the other one calm down

  4. Then we will ask the other to leave the room, it’s all fair in here!

  5. Give you reading and homework assignments … fun ego-boosting stuff

  6. Call you out on things in session to help you find your inner relationship warrior

Here’s something that most people don’t realize…when you can take total and complete ownership for screwing up, IT FEELS GOOD! You are saying, wow I really messed up and now I am going to fix it. It feels powerful and you know your next move. If you fall into a puddle of tears you are giving your power away instead of stepping up and staying in the partnership. (and yes of course you can cry, we just want you to be able to stay in the fight and work it out!)

Couples Counseling sessions will never be shaming or embarrassing, just a heaping load of help. It won’t serve anybody in this practice if we sit back and go gently 24/7. Of course we care deeply about how you feel. We will go over your patterns and interactions – but we don’t stay there for long. We move right into a better way to feel heard, validated, understood, appreciated, etc. This is relationship boot camp. We want you in and back on your feet asap.

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Working with individuals

You are on this page because something in your life is not working right.  You might be struggling with a spouse, a co-worker, family or any number of other things.  We have decades of combined knowledge and proven techniques to help get you out of that black hole you find yourself sinking into farther and farther.  We work with individuals on a variety of issues not limited to but inclusive of the following:

It’s important to work on relationship struggles whether you are single or are in a relationship.  We all have baggage from our past that can impact the present.  Your spouse / partner does not need to join you in therapy in order to make progress.  We give you concrete steps to take that will influence your partner to make changes in themselves.

Ready?? We really really love what we do and our mission in life is to help you succeed in your relationship. To book a counseling session in the Denver, Cherry Creek area, call us, 303-881-3355, or email us at – you can reach Carrie, Erika, Sarah and Kate here. Can’t wait to hear your story….


Carrie, Erika, and Sarah
The CCFT Team