Meet Cloud 

Therapy dogs are widely known to help clients through difficult times and strong emotions. It is why you see them in hospitals, schools, counseling centers, etc.  Because we at CCFT are passionate about helping clients overcome distressing events and emotions, we have added a therapy dog to our practice.


A Bit About Cloud and How He Works as a Therapy Dog

Could, an English Cream Retriever (highly refined of course), has been coming to CCFT several days a week since he was 8 weeks old. The intention is for him to be a calming presence to help all of us emotionally regulate. You will see him sleeping through most of the session because we make sure he is tired out from doggy daycare before coming into the office, but he is a puppy and can be somewhat of a distraction at times. Cloud works with a trainer on a weekly basis and is prepping for his Good Canine Citizen test.

This dog is so special. As a lifelong dog lover, I have always wanted to add a therapy dog to the practice. In early 2017, our family dog had to be put down and we were desperately missing our friend and companion. When we met Cloud we knew he would be not only the perfect pet for our family, but he would be an amazing addition to the practice.

Cloud was born in late 2018 and comes to work with me several days a week. His is soft and gentle and loves people and other dogs. Although he is still a puppy, he is incredibly intuitive. When clients get upset he will snuggle up to them, or pretend they are an ottoman and lay across their lap like a big security blanket. He knows when clients are dog lovers and he will be exceptionally affectionate, thinking he is a little lap dog.

Your engagement with him is up to you. He can be on the couch with you or at your feet. You can pet him, brush him, have him there for emotional support, or none of the above and he will be in a sit/stay position. I keep him engaged and exercised enough that typically he falls asleep in session, so much so that he slides off the couch by accident - in slow motion. It’s the cutest thing ever.

He loves to greet all the clients walking through the door, we are working on “by invitation only”  and don’t worry, we keep a handful of roller brushes in the suite in case you show up in an all black suit. Cloud only participates in sessions in one particular room, so if you are allergic we will schedule you on his days off or in an office where he doesn’t participate. 

If you have any concerns, please let us know. Cloud is meant to be a little soft pillow of emotional stability that all of us rely on, but we completely understand if you would prefer to not engage with him.

Cloud’s Dating Profile

Official AKC Name: Gg Rain’s Cloud. His mom’s name is Tramin Silk Rain, so we named him Rain’s Cloud. Gg is short for Gage’s Golden’s where we adopted him. We came up with “Cloud” and they suggested “Rain’s Cloud”, perfect! And if he’s ever naughty, my son calls him Nimbus. All you meteorologist geeks will get it.

Favorite Toys: A huge stuffed puppy that is almost the size of him but he keeps ripping it up, so we have to mend him frequently. Next in line is the much smaller hedgehog that somehow remains intact. One of his favorite games is to find socks in the hamper, tease us with them, and wait until we chase him all over the house to get our socks back. 

Best Habits: Wants to love on everybody, tolerant of the feral cat who begs for food every night on the back deck.

Worst Habit: Trying to play with the feral cat and engaging in a game of chase.

Goals: To love on all clients and play with the cat. Maybe also that we will somehow allow counter surfing for human food.

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Enneagram: 2w3 Twos are warm and emotional, they care a great deal about their personal relationships, devote an enormous amount of energy to them, and who expect to be appreciated for their efforts (hugs and belly rubs usually suffice).

If he was single, his social media post might read: “SMECR, potty trained, plays well with others, shares toys, looking for multiple partners to play with, love on and snuggle with.”

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Ready to schedule an appointment with Cloud - and a therapist? Book here.