Couples Counseling for One

Sometimes couples counseling involves just one partner coming in to explore their own habits and behaviors that are negatively or positively impacting the relationship.

Once in awhile your significant other isn’t ready to come when you are and you need to go to couples counseling alone, and that’s ok.  The research has shown that when one partner changes his or her behaviors, the other person is influenced to make changes as well.

Come in and let’s explore the habits that are making you feel stuck in your relationship and give you tools to make a shift in a positive direction.  If things are rough right now, it is imperative for you to understand what YOU need to do to make improvements.  It’s paramount to understand that you are 100% responsible for your 50% of the relationship.  Let’s create the partnership you deserve by giving you the skills you need.  Call us right now, we are waiting to help you!