Trauma / Sexual Abuse

Trauma and abuse come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Even the little ones can feel gigantic. We often try to ignore the big traumas.  It’s just that it doesn’t work.  The more we try to sweep it all under the rug, the more it takes hold.  We develop coping mechanisms that work in the short term, but ultimately don’t serve us at all.  

We want to help you gently start to explore what happened.  We don’t want you to jump into the deep end and try to swim on day one.  Let’s just dip our big toe in the water together and see how that feels.

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms of abuse and trauma?

  • Feeling isolated
  • Nobody understands
  • Denial / disbelief
  • Hypervigilance
  • Shame, self-incrimination
  • Guilt
  • Anxiety, Depression, Anger
  • Panic attacks
  • Freezing

Our certified counseling team is trauma informed and we use specific interventions like EMDR and Neurofeedback to help restore your innate capabilities to sooth and calm yourself.

Whether your trauma was decades ago or 2 days ago, let’s begin the healing, you aren’t ever alone when you are with our team. We are ready to help you start healing, call CCFT and make an appointment today.