Communication Breakdown

Almost without exception, couples will come to us saying they struggle with communication.

This is an umbrella term.  There are hundreds of issues hanging under the umbrella.  For example, are you / do you act…

  • Dismissive
  • Defensive
  • Critical
  • Contemptuous
  • High and mighty
  • Erroneously finding fault
  • Jumping to negative conclusions
  • Walking away prematurely
  • Sweeping things under the rug
  • Yelling and name calling


  • One of you has had or is contemplating having a physical or emotional affair because something is missing for you
  • You have the same argument over and over
  • You’ve lost your connection
  • You are constantly walking on eggshells

And the list goes on.

These are the most common complaints but hardly the full list.  The research shows that most couples share an equal amount of the blame when it comes to conflict.  You might think that keeping your mouth shut and just going with the flow make the relationship better, but really this is a recipe for disaster because it is a breeding ground for resentment.  Then comes the conflict and the fights.

Couples argue, period.  We will show you the 12 skills needed to have an effective and appropriate argument where you can make it easy for your partner / spouse to give you exactly what you want!

We want you to end up with…

  • Better skills for communicating effectively
  • A better intimate / sex life
  • A partner who is safe to go to
  • An honest relationship
  • A sense of being seen, heard, loved and validated

Contact CCFT today to learn effective couples communication techniques and build concrete skills to communicate with your partner.