Families experience struggles and hardships, too.

Whether you are a single mom raising a child or a couple with 10 kids, all families need help sometimes.  Families are typically a mix of two different cultures (the parents) trying to pass on the best that they have to their children. But cultures clash, opinions differ, outsiders comment, children are all different. This is stressful!  A relatively small thing can escalate into WW3 and you can’t recall why!  Let us give you the tools to get back on track and stay on track.

We work with families on the following issues to help settle the turmoil.

  • Blended Families
  • Adults living with elderly parents
  • Addictions
  • Mood disorders
  • In-laws and relatives
  • Teens and children acting out at home
  • Divorce
  • Getting remarried
  • Dealing with a difficult Ex
  • Reintegration . re-establishing a relationship
  • Partners / spouses working together
  • Co-parenting

Contact CCFT today to schedule a family therapy session and see how we can help support you and your family during this trying time.