Premarital Couples Counseling

Bliss!  Love!  Passion!  Connection!

Yes yes yes…. It’s the honeymoon and it’s awesome!  And you haven’t even gotten married or been on a honeymoon yet.  Most couples start to phase out of this time period around 14 to 24 months.  Then real life sets in.  She has holes in that sexy underwear that she bought a year ago.  He farts right in front of her and doesn’t excuse himself.  WTF?!?!

Hey, welcome to the real world and to real relationships.  Whomever it is you chose to partner with, habits that might have once been endearing now seem really annoying.  Or habits that were suppressed are now alive and well. Or maybe you are actually getting along really well but need to make sure you agree on future arrangements like kids, where to live, careers, or perhaps you are blending a family.

Your best move will be to get some premarital counseling to ensure your long term success in your relationship,  Let’s go over all those habits that won’t do you any favors and the ones that will give you a leg up.  (That could be sexy….)