Addiction is not a singular issue and it does not define you.

We don’t tell people they ARE cancer because the have cancer.  Addiction is an illness and we are here to help you walk through it to the other side where you gain clarity, comfort and peace.  Addiction affects all facets of your life: family, friends, career, health, physical, psychological, mental, spiritual, the list is endless. You wonder why you can't make a decision and are conflicted - what is the greater evil - your past or your present. You want help but are scared, confused and unsure. Where do you start? How about we just sit down and talk, let’s just start with a conversation.

  • What is happening now that you want to change?
  • Who would you be or become after that change?
  • What are you gaining from your use?  
  • What will your life look like without it?

Life's a journey and sometimes we get off track and start taking a side road. Sometimes we need a little help and other times we need a complete re-set. Maybe it is a family member, a friend, a loved one, or maybe it is you. Let’s just start the conversation and see what happens.