Treat Yourself! Self Care Week 2 - Making Physical and Mental Space

How did week one go?  Were you able to carve out one or more nights to have a luxurious bath all to yourself without being interrupted? I hope so. 

This week let’s talk about clearing out some physical space to make room for a relaxed mental space.  Pick one day, or more if you feel like it.  This isn’t about a whole house spring cleaning.  You might even need to start small.  Pick something that feels just about right and start there.  For example, if you have a gigantic closet filled with boxes upon boxes, pick one box. 

If you can pick just one small thing like this a week you will feel lighter and hopefully have more mental freedom to conquer other tasks.  If you decide you want to do this everyday, you might also want to consider make four piles.  Make one pile for donate, one for trash, one for selling and one for keeping and then put the things in that pile away.

By the end of this year you will have eased into an organized life in a gentle way filled with self-care!  Additional options for while you are clearing out: listen to your favorite music, whatever brings you peace and pour yourself a lovely cup of tea.    

As always, feel free to comment and share your accomplishments!