Dick Pics - It's a TERRIBLE Idea

Before we begin this strange journey, please note that I have changed many facts to conceal identities.

The fact that I even feel the need to write this post is absurd. This happens daily to people who receive but have NO desire to actually see dick pics. Just a friendly reminder folks that things you send over text, email, and most forms of online anything, are now stored someplace FOREVER. Plus, sending these to a minor, no matter what your age, you are now a criminal and you can be arrested and labeled a pedofile for the rest of your life. It’s a terrible idea. DON’T DO IT.

My friend was over yesterday and a man sent her an unsolicited dick pic. She knows the number and she knows who it is from, but there was no way it is from him. The man is a very close family friend. WHOOPS. In fact, he is Godfather to her daughter.

The problem with technology is that you make one tiny mistake and the mother of your Goddaughter gets the pic that you were trying to send to an affair partner, which in itself is not a really good idea, see paragraph #1. So now my friend is stuck with a big mess on her hands. Does she tell her spouse? Does she text the man back? What if her daughter had seen those pics, or worse what if they had been sent to her daughter?

The only Dick Pic you should be sending is this one….


While we are on the subject of bad ideas, here are two other online things that will get you in trouble…

Creating a facebook page to “meet new friends”. Facebook will figure out who you likely know and message those people to ask if they want to friend you. Now your little secret profile isn’t a secret.

You are having an affair and decide it’s OK to text. Oh shoot, you forgot that your texts pop up on your computer. And your ipad. Busted.

If this scares you, well it should. Do not conduct personal “business” over your phone, your email, social media, etc… If you are struggling in your relationship, that is normal normal normal. Partnerships struggle all the time, it’s part of the journey. If something is missing for you, let us help you figure it out and how to go about getting your needs met without putting you and your relationship in danger. #nodickpics