Make Your Workout Work For You

So many people resolve to up their fitness game in the new year. Whether your a beginner or a pro, you can get more bang for your workout buck by being mindful with these couple tips.

  1. Focus on what you're doing. Don't let your mind wander. Let your workout be a break from the anxieties, sadness, regrets and existential angst of your day. Focusing on the moment also helps with getting in the zone and crushing your workout. And crushing a workout motivates you to show up and crush it tomorrow too. You're also less likely to trip on a rock on the trail or trip over a dumbbell in the gym if you're paying attention and not daydreaming or freaking out in your head. Some ideas of places to put your focus:
    • count reps
    • count your cadence rhythm on a bike or run
    • listen to music
    • if you're outside look at your surroundings
    • pay attention to your breath
    • focus on your form and movement
  2. Practice gratitude. Notice how your body works. If you got your ass up and out to do an activity that involves working your body, you have a lot to be grateful for! Your body works. You have enough time and money to participate. You are doing something healthy for yourself. You are getting fitter and stronger, physically and mentally.

**Bonus points for adding an extra lift to your workout. Try lifting the corners of your mouth. Smile. You don't have to. But you can. So why not!?!