CCFT Featured in Martha Stewart Weddings -Does Marriage Change Your Personality?

Have you ever wondered if marriage changes your personality? Well, so do many other people - so many that Martha Steward Weddings Magazine did an article about this topic. And guess who they featured in the article? Yours truly! Here is the section where I added to the article:

Keep your sense of self intact.

People tend to have the mindset that your lives mesh completely after marriage, says Gibson, and that's true for many factors. But in order to have a healthy and happy co-habitation, you need to maintain your sense of self and your own identity. Set a foundation where you inspire each other without compromising yourself. "The most successful marriages are the ones when we support each other's journeys," Capp says. Try creating an "emotional toolbox," says Carrie Hammond, a marriage and family therapist, by writing down all the aspects in your life—friends, a spa day, exercise, books, for example—that make you feel good, and remind yourself to revisit them when you're feeling lost.

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