Book Review - Secrets to your Successful Domestic Adoption

Recently, I was introduced to a book called Secrets to your Successful Domestic Adoption by Jennifer Joyce Pedley, which was recommended by a colleague who has been in the domestic adoption world for almost 30 years. This book turned out to be an amazing resource for people who are just starting to look into the domestic adoption process.

Pedley, a social worker who has been helping create families since 1995, walks the reader through a detailed view of domestic adoption and the many facets of this intricate process. Pedley became part of the adoption world after placing her own son up for adoption in 1990.  Her wealth of experience in both sides of the adoption process provides the reader with both the expert insider detailed view along with the big picture heartfelt side.

Secrets to your Successful Domestic Adoption walks through the entire process of domestic adoption.  Pedley discusses why someone could and should consider domestic adoption, infertility issues that many face, if you should use an adoption agency, how to pick a good adoption agency, how to discuss adoption with your family and the rest of the world, and the list goes on. The one place that I differed in opinion with Pedley is on the topic of agencies. Pedley gives a fair view of the benefits and challenges of working with agencies, but ultimately she has a somewhat anti-agency view. I have had a very positive experience with my agency and don’t know how I would navigate this process without them. Granted, I have personal experience with only one agency, but I wouldn’t change my decision.  

If you are thinking about domestic adoption and want a good insider's view on how to navigate this potentially tricky process, Secrets to your Successful Domestic Adoption is a great place to start and then refer back to along the way.  

If that isn’t enough, I am going through the process with my husband and would love to talk with you about how you are handling this tough, but rewarding process. Book a session with me today and we can go over all of the emotions that come along with adoption.