Interview with an Artist - Anthony Crawford

Living your best life takes many forms and requires many skills. One of the top ten skills is creativity. Creativity and mental health, and their influence on each other is interesting to me personally and professionally. Sometimes the greatest art is born of pain and suffering. Sometimes pain and suffering rob us of creativity.  Because it's interesting to me, because I hope I can spark some thought and creativity in my clients and readers, and because I selfishly like picking the brains of creative people, I decided to do a series of interviews about creativity and mental health.

This interview is with Anthony Crawford, Denver based comedian, show host, podcaster, and writer. I was introduced to him when he featured at Comedy Works in Denver and then through his podcast “Talking Shop” where he geeks out on the business and craft of comedy. Lucky for me, he was willing to take some time from honing his craft to answer my questions. Enjoy!

1.     You're an artist. What kind of art do you do?

I am a stand-up comedian, actor & writer

2.     It's not uncommon for creative types to struggle with mental health issues. What do you see as the interplay between mental health and creativity?

I think it's because we're always studying & dissecting things that others have find fun & relaxing. Instead of having fun, you're too busy trying to figure out how they did it. At least that how it is with me. That coupled with the fact that people who like you want you to be "on" all the gets old. Essentially life becomes your job with no way to clock out.....unless you quit.

3.     You can't possibly feel creative all the time. What do you do to foster creativity and practice your craft even when you're not feeling it? Any tricks you've picked up to help you get out of your own way?

I just try to do new things. Go to a place I've never been. Walking while talking to myself had been helpful as well. I look crazy but it helps. I also Google things I don't think exist.

4.     If you could suggest one thing for my readers to do to help them live their best life, what would that be?

They should remember that it can always be worse. What you're going thru maybe bad, but it could always be worse. They'll get thru it. A happy day is around the corner. Maybe change something in your everyday routine. Change can make a huge difference.

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