Furiously happy

Taxidermy Creatures as Service Animals

If you are my friend or my husband, you have heard my rant many times over about what happened to me a few weeks ago and how awful it was.  You don’t need to know who or what, but f&%k her and all the bullshit she spewed my way. What you do need to know is how to help yourself feel better because therapy alone ain't always enough.  (Keep reading 'til you get to the funny part below….)

I am listening to Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson, in which Jenny explores her lifelong battle with mental illness.

I have my own little list of what makes me feel better when I am feeling low or dealing with anxiety, but Jenny’s list is so much better, like off-the-charts better.

My nice and tidy list goes something like this….

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Colleagues
  • A tubby
  • A shower
  • Nature
  • Podcasts
  • Audio Books
  • Cleaning
  • Crying
  • My dog
  • Wine
  • Whine
  • Comfy clothes
  • Yummy smelling lotions
  • Therapy - yes therapists have therapists
  • My Mom

That list isn’t very inspiring - it’s just comforting.  So I decided to buy a funny book to lift my spirits.  Comfort is good but sometimes you just need a damn good laugh.  I found this book that I thought would just be humorous, but as luck would have it, the book is about Jenny and her diagnoses of about 15 different disorders as determined by therapists and psychiatrists. For all the meds and behavior mods she tries, she has other, sometimes better ways of handling anxiety.  

Here are some of her super-way-better-awesomer-than-mine tactics...

  • Carry around a taxidermy creature as a service animal
  • Confessing you have some disorder that ends in mania because people automatically back off
  • Embrace your crazy
  • Get an eating disorder to compensate for the lack of control over your emotions
  • Medication
  • Shrink visits
  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Be painfully honest about how crazy you are
  • Hide in bathrooms and under tables at important events
  • Let it control you when you have no other choice
  • Or try being furiously happy - it’s not a cure for mental illness but a weapon designed to counter it.

If you are having a moment, or a week, or a year, buy this book.  I had to turn it off on my way to a session today with a client because I was laughing to the point of hysteria.  I had so many tears running down my face it looked like I was hysterical in a scary I-am-falling-apart kind of way.  I think Jenny Lawson could replace meds for some people, she’s that funny.

Now that we have explored my list vs her list, what’s on your list?