alone time

Ladies, Put Yourself FIRST!

I know this is a generalization, however I see this all the time in my office and I am also guilty of it.  As moms, friends, daughters, wives, etc, we tend to put others before ourselves on a consistent basis. WHY?!?!?!?  

This is honestly a struggle for me since I have the helper gene nailed down pretty hard.  But the truth is when I put myself first, life is so much better.  I am able to attend to the others in my life with purpose.  I am more focused, more intentional, better attuned to them because I have taken care of myself and my needs.  I am not off in my head trying to figure out my next moves for dinner, laundry, my business, friends, family, etc.

Try it for one small day or half the day.  Make it all about you and see what happens.  I am very aware that when I am not first, things get chaotic and messy.  For example, I am writing this while staring at a basket of clean laundry that has been sitting there for 2 days.  My sink is full of dishes.  Those things can wait because right now, my personal life and my business projects are taking priority.  I literally decided the other day that I am focusing on 3 things: personal health, business health and family health.  Everything else is now on hold.  There is a lot on hold.  So many projects, books and shiny objects screaming for my attention.  If I let myself get sidetracked, then I get anxious.  Focusing on my top three is my new priority and it feels so much better. Take a look at my Self Care tip for ideas.  If you need help making yourself a priority, pick up the phone and call us.  We can do this journey together!