Holiday Survival Tool: Online Yoga

By now, we all know that yoga is great for the body, the mind, and for stress relief. But it’s the holidays, so you're probably too busy to drive somewhere and make it to a specific class time and practice for 60-90 min plus commute time. Maybe you're watching your spending and don't want to pay for classes when you are traveling, hosting parties, and buying gifts. Maybe you're out of town and don’t want to just try a random yoga class in an unfamiliar place. Maybe you're intimidated by going to a class full of bendy lulu lemon models. There's always a reason to not go. But then you miss out on the benefits of yoga at a time you probably need it most!

Enter YouTube.

The internet is chock-full of great yoga that is free and can be done on your timetable in the comfort of your home. No excuses now!

To further eliminate a potential excuse of being overwhelmed by sheer number of options, might I suggest checking out Heart Alchemy Yoga. The founder and head teacher, Michelle Goldstein, is a Denver native but now teaches in Los Angeles. In fact, when I lived in L.A., her class was my Sunday morning ritual and I often check out her classes online when I'm feeling homesick. She is funny, insightful, and gives clear instruction on not only on the physical but also the mindfulness aspects of the yoga practice. She offers both flow and restorative classes that vary in difficulty and length.

Since the holidays can be stressful and full of anxiety and we all need to chill out and unwind, I suggest starting with this 58 minute, yin/restorative, class: