Couple's Homework: A Letter to Your Lover

This week you will be writing a letter to your lover.

In this letter, think about including the following themes and ideas:

*One of your fondest memories of them

*”You meet my needs and fill my tank when you ……”

*5 reasons you are grateful for them

*Something they do for you or your family that they don’t get recognition for but should

*Something that makes them stand out to you above all other people

*A physical characteristic that you love

*Tell them why it is important to you to pay attention to them and to your relationship

*Lastly, tell them why you picked them - really go all out on this one

Have fun with this one.  It doesn’t have to be long and involved, just something from the heart.  This is a keepsake so make it meaningful, real and honest. Make it special.  Make them feel special.

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