Couples Counseling Homework - Week 7

Hello!  Welcome to week 7 of your Extra Credit at home. This week you and your partner will be creating the beginnings of your bucket list as a couple!  

This is the time to take all those visions and trips you have been talking about and actually write them down.  You can do it in a spreadsheet, a journal or go out and by a book / journal specifically geared towards making a bucket list.  

Being in a relationship is so exciting in the beginning.  We fall into habits and routines and forget that there is still a big world out there for us to explore.  Here are some cool ideas if you need a headstart.

-Go to the next X Games

-Go indoor skydiving

-Read all the Pulitzer Prize winning books

-Have an entire block Karaoke party

-Visit the pyramds

-Float down the Nile

-Cut long hair and donate to locks of love

So go ahead and start writing the stories you want to live.  There are lots of journals out there for bucket lists. My favorite is by Axel and Ash, you can google it.  Have fun and keep this handy as it is an ongoing journal where your dreams will percolate until you make them happen. Happy dreaming!

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