Addiction is Not Your Fault - Part 1

Addiction is not a behavioral thing. OK, maybe that is a small part of it. But holding a cup and drinking is just a small piece of a deeper issues. We can avoid liquor stores, try to drive a different route, and not participate in activities involving alcohol. These can help and are good starts or rules of thumb.

Addiction is a mental health disorder for a reason. Usually something deeper is perpetuating this cycle. We aren’t going to dissect your life from birth to now or blame your mom or dad; however, somethings stick stronger than others. Maybe there was something said, a common negative thought or thread of thoughts that boil up at times and consumes you.

Freedom from addiction is ultimately learning how to think through the thought. The behavioral, social, family, triggers and many other issues are important; however, the thinking is the core.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction and would like to seek help, please reach out to me today and let's dive deep to find the core issue.