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The human condition starts the same for every race, gender, and sexual orientation. We arrive naked, crying, and reaching for connection and then we're soothed and nurtured by others. Period. We are all driven by need for connection and are soothed by connection. Through our families and cultures, and with our individual temperaments, the way we deal with relationships gets shaped as we grow up. But evidence-based clinicians and neuroscientists alike now know that we need connection and that's how we heal and that's how we thrive. 

Since I look at my clients through an attachment lens, I get to put aside the patriarchy and cis-hetero-normative crap, and meet my clients as people. Of course, everyone has their own unique story, but we're all people. And people need love. 

This Pride Month, I stand as an LBGTQ+ ally, and with the social justice movement, and with cutting edge neuroscientists, and I echo the words of Lin-Manuel Miranda and say "Love is love is love is love!"