New traditions

Valentine's Day for One

I used to hate this holiday, even if I had a boyfriend.  So much pressure!  I always felt like I *should* be going out to dinner at an expensive restaurant but I didn’t want to. I didn’t like getting flowers and I am not a chocolate fan.  I would rather have a big steak and fries  So while this is a holiday totally geared towards couples, this year I am going to make it about me!  I think you should join me in the rebellion.

After I tend to the things I can’t ignore in the morning, the dog, my son and getting out of bed, here is my plan for the day.  I don’t want to come up with things at the last moment, so I am planing weeks in advance.  

Things I have planned to make this a lovely day for me, myself and I.  

*Breakfast - taking myself out for a quiet, peaceful way to start my day and really indulge in all the flavors.  No calorie counting allowed, mimosas encouraged.  I invited my good buddy Lindsay to come with me.  

*Pedicure - the longer version where it takes about an hour or more. Pamper pamper pamper me.

*Dog Park - this might seem odd, but I love going by myself and listening to my favorite book or podcast.  Fletcher can run around while I stroll.  Plan B if it’s a snow day: movie at home on couch with Fletcher, knitting and a roaring fire.

*Finish up my art project I started a few months ago.  

*Writing a love letter to somebody I love a whole bunch, somebody who won’t expect it.

*Dinner will be with my family because that would be weird to ignore them, plus I already made the entire first part of the day one of indulgence for myself.  Dinner will be about love in general.  It will also be steak and fries!  

The goal here is to know that you can bring self-love and compassion throughout the day.  You can do this any day of the year.  I just think it is fun to turn the tables on a traditional day and make it count for you and what you need.  I hope you join me and celebrate yourself all day long.  This could become a really cool habit.

Taking care of yourself 1st so you can then give back to others.

(P.S. - I just told Chad about this post and he said I should do this weekly.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED)