Clutter as my To-do List

I do not know how to be an organized person.  I try desperately to make it happen and the next day it’s back to square one.  It’s terrible.  This morning I was again lamenting the fact that I have so much trouble organizing and my husband said that’s because you have too much paper.  Hmmm, that’s true.  But I told him if I put it away then I forget about it.  He yells, “EXACTLY! You use clutter as your to-do list!!!”  ohhhh.  Meaning all this stuff is a distraction from the really important stuff I need to do?!?!!?  UGH….

This is a really big ah-ha moment for me.  20 minutes ago I started putting everything away realizing that there are way too many distractions in my life.  I don’t need to leave my UGGs out in case it gets cold so that I remember to put them on. Yep, I do that.  I leave piles of books, papers, art projects, you name it so that I don’t forget about anything. I thought I liked seeing all my cool projects lying around, but it makes me completely anxious now that I think about it.  It really it just creates chaos in my mind and in my physical space. So today I am going to try doing one little thing at a time and we will see how it goes.  

It already feels so much better.  My clutter to-do list is way too overwhelming.  I am going to see how this experiment goes and will report back.  The anxiety is already leaving the building!