Thanksgiving Challenge #1 - Gratitude!

Hey people! In honor of thanksgiving, and in honor of needing an antidote to holiday stress, I challenge you to practice gratitude. You may do it for the whole month or a week or a day or a moment...doesn't matter. What matters is that you practice speaking and thinking intentionally. What matters is that you cultivate some good feels. What matters is that you are mindful for what you have. 

A few tips:

1. Set your intention and maybe even share that intention with others to create accountability.

2. Don't just list off things to be grateful for willy-nilly. Really think about it, feel it, savor it. 

3. Seek out gratitude. The more you look for what you are grateful for, the more you'll find it. 

I’m grateful for the work I get to do and the people with whom I get to share it.