Thanksgiving Challenge #2 - Don't Complain!

I already introduced the gratitude challenge. But now I'm going to up the ante and raise you a no complaining challenge. Here's the deal: for a day, a week, a month, (you choose) don't complain. Sounds simple, but I assure you it’s not! We are a culture of complainers right now. It’s not just a bad habit, sometimes we are bonding over it. Don't know what to say? Complain! Rally around our mutual enemies! Want some attention and soothing? Don't be vulnerable and ask! Complain about something! 

While it’s easy, its cheap conversation. It makes us focus on the negative. It also keeps us in the status quo. I heard a phrase recently that "any old donkey can kick down the barn...but don't be a dumb ass, stand for something!" 

So, if you're not complaining, what then?

1. Maybe you are quiet more and listen to others

2. Maybe you replace complaints with gratitude

3. Maybe you discuss your feelings directly and vulnerable (instead of saying "they're the worst" try "they make me frustrated/sad/scared". Instead of "I'm the worst" try "I really messed up" or "that's really hard for me".)

4. Maybe you talk about your goals and values.

A couple more tips:

1. Set your intention and tell people so you can be accountable.

2. Have some grace with yourself and this practice. 

Happy practicing! And Happy Thanksgiving!