Couples Counseling Homework - Week 4

Welcome to Week 4!


Did you know that playing games helps keep your mind alert, active and is good for your mental acuity? Playing games fuels imagination, problem solving and creativity. Obviously, it’s game week. Pick one night this week and play a game. TV is off limits, but music is encouraged. SO many games to choose from and different varieties, too...

  1. Video Game

  2. Online Game

  3. Board Game

  4. Card Game

  5. ANY Game

Here are some of my favorite games.

  1. Settlers Of Catan

  2. Pandemic

  3. Ticket to Ride

  4. Carcassonne

  5. Risk

  6. Sudoku

  7. Fifteen Color Dot Dominoes

  8. Backgammon

  9. Cards against Humanity

  10. What do you MEME?

  11. ColorKu (Sudoku but with painted wood balls)

  12. Super Scrabble

NO SORE LOSERS ALLOWED, SO IF THAT’S YOU, PICK SOMETHING ELSE! Have fun and if you have a favorite that you’d share, I would love to hear about it! Be sure to check out the previous weeks couples counseling homework!