What is our intent of what we are trying to achieve if I want to fake it? If I passionately want something, like a better relationship with my partner or friends, I must become a better partner or friend.

What do I want in a partner? Am I being that for my partner? The more I “do it” in actions and words, the more I “become it”- the person I want to be.

I hear people faking friendships or spending time with unhealthy people. What is the intent? What am I gaining or losing? What would happen if I was true to me? Maybe this is not a healthy relationship or not worth pursuing  Maybe I would be alone more, or have more free time. I might be uncomfortable. Is that bad?

Try being the best you - the best friend, best partner, best companion. Become the best you! Then you will attract the true friends and the true relationship you are meant to have.

Knowing our true authentic self can be hard or confusing, but I’m here to support you on this journey. It’s never too late to evaluate and clean house of bad habits and influences. Get back to the true you this spring! Please call me, I”m here to help.

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