The Messiness of Grief and the Comfort of a Podcast

Lately, a lot of my clients have been coming in with grief. And not just the traditional grief that's related to death. But grief over a move, or loss of a friendship, or an affair, or athletic ability, or the acceptance of the limitations of a parent, etc. Any type of grief is messy and painful. The salve for that pain is connection. That is why therapy is helpful. It is an hour dedicated to connecting to the therapist and to your experience. 

Art can be a good way to connect too. I'm a big fan of connecting through comedy and I love the medium of the podcast. At the intersection of comedy, connection, and grief, is this episode of "You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes" with guest June Diane Raphael. She is silly and honest and talks about everything from clowns to therapy to periods, but most poignantly about the death of her mother. Comfort is offered by connectting and not by fixing. I highly recommend you give it a listen.