Should You Spend the Night Before Your Wedding with Your Fiancé?

This is such a hot topic that Martha Stewart Weddings has written an article all about this topic and how to navigate it. Our very own Carrie Hammond was featured in the article saying:

"What a great night to reflect on who you've chosen to marry, the vows you are going to make, the rituals you are going to be building as a couple," says Carrie Hammond, a therapist with Colorado Couples and Family Therapy. Hammond and her team recommend taking some alone time to reflect on these milestones in private.

Weddings are full of the hustle and bustle, we at CCFT think that taking the night before to yourselves as a couple is important. It helps you take some time after the craziness of the rehearsal dinner. It allows you to bond and get excited for the day to come. And it is a perfect time to reflect on what you want the day, and your life, to look like.

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