Stella Got Her Groove Back, and So Can You

**Confession, I didn't watch the whole "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" movie. But its enough in the zeitgist that I feel I can go on a limb and reference it. 

Basically, in the movie, the titular Stella was in a rut and went on a vacation with friends and found a man and, yada yada yadda, groove's back. 

Like Stella, we all get into ruts. While some vacation action is nice, it’s not necessarily a panacea. Sorry folks...this blog isn't just about getting better by getting laid. But what we can learn from the movie is getting out of our head by saying "yes" to life’s opportunities. 

I know I've been in ruts. Life has a way of dragging us into ruts if were not vigilant. I've gotten out in a variety of ways: new relationships, epic races, moving cities, travel, work opportunities, new artistic pursuits, etc. And while the rut-busters have come in different forms, they all have the same function: saying "yes" to life. When we break out of routine and quit playing small and safe, we really get to live. It’s risky, but that risk and the reward for being brave is exhilarating. And, as much as a rut can perpetuate itself as we stay stuck, a rut-bust can perpetuate itself as we gain energy and confidence and keep challenging the status quo. 

If you're in a rut, you're not alone and it doesn't have to persist forever. Keep an eye out, life will bring you an opportunity to bust a move and say "yes" to challenge and change. And when you see that opportunity, go for it!

Go get 'em tiger!