You May Be Grieving and Not Even Know It

Grief seems to be all around us. Not to be morbid and a bummer, but we all deal with death and there’s no shortage of it. But we deal with grief in less expected areas too. Grief comes in the loss of a job, the loss of a romantic relationship or the loss of a friendship. Grief shows up when we move and lose our old sense of home or routine or predictability. It happens with birth when identity changes and freedoms are lost and responsibility mounts. It happens as we age. It happens in recovery as we lose old coping skills and face a new life without addiction. I know I did some of my hardest grieving when my sister got married and when, through therapy, I finally started to accept the limitations of my parents and grieved the fantasy of a childhood I would never have. Grief is not just related to literal death, it can come from any form of change.

But this thing that affects us all doesn't get talked about and we tend to do a terrible job with dealing with it. But it doesn't have to be confusing and isolating and overwhelming. While I don’t love the experience of grieving, I am passionate about walking along side clients as they go through it. If you're grieving, reach out today so I can help you work through the emotions that come along with it.