Favorite Podcast of the Week - The Hilarious World of Depression

My favorite podcast of the week is The Hilarious World of Depression.  Have you listened to this??!!  It’s so amazing.  John Moe, a comedian and the host of the podcast, has discussions with a lot of famous people about a silent but often deadly disease, he also makes you laugh about it.  His first question to all guests, usually comedians, is “Is depression funny?”.  They all answer yes, and then they talk about the lonely side of the disease when you try to manage it on your own.

I love this podcast for several reasons and am always on the lookout for a new episode.  Like I said, he is having in-depth, very personal conversations about depression and its debilitating effects.  So much of what we witness about depression is on TV ads or in magazines in small print that makes no sense - If you take this drug you might feel better.  Don’t get me wrong, I think psychopharmaceuticals are fantastic, but what John is doing is different. He is normalizing depression by introducing you to famous people who suffer and how they are combating their mental illness. He puts well known faces to depression making it relatable.  You probably need more than a dose of medicine daily to really combats this nightmare.

John gives listeners tips and tricks in every episode.  Everybody deals with and handles their depression differently.  He gives listeners mini episodes as well, some of which are listener based.  People email him with their personal strategies.  I tell all my clients that no matter what, you need an arsenal of weapons, a toolbox full of ideas because some days your go-to weapon won’t cut it. 

Here’s a link to the podcast - go get it!  AND, stop struggling alone!  We want to help you, call us right now and start feeling better today.  Let’s build your own personal arsenal to kick depression’s ass. 





Out of the Darkness Community Walk

Join me at “Out of the Darkness” Community Walk in Denver September 24, 2016

At Colorado Couples and Family Therapy, we often give calls to action, ways to take a concept and apply it to improve your life. Well here’s a different call to action, a way to improve someone else’s life.

On September 24th, you can join me and many others in walking with the “Out of the Darkness” community walk to remember those we have lost and bring awareness to mental health issues so we may help those struggling with suicide.


Walk Date: 9/24/16

Walk Time: 10am-12pm

Walk Location: Coors Field (1663 Park Avenue West, Denver)

To get more info and register:


Suicide, or intentionally taking one’s life, is complex; it involves psychological, social, biological, cultural, and environmental factors. People who are suicidal may talk a lot about death, with/draw from friends, give away prized possessions, become more reckless and impulsive, /or express hopelessness. (2) Suicide is preventable; talking about it does not cause someone to become suicidal, but rather, could actually save their life. 1

Some statistics:

•    Globally, there is one suicide about every 40 seconds. 2

•    In the U.S., there is a suicide every 13.7 minutes. 3

•    Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death for Americans. 1

•    Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for Americans age 15-24. 4

•    Males die by suicide four times as often as females, but there are three female attempts for every male attempt. 1

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