In Your Relationship, Fight Like a Boxer

Are you in a relationship or hoping to be in one? Then learn how to fight like a boxer for the relationship you have or the one that is coming your way.

Here’s what boxers don’t do. They don’t sit around trying to outsource the workouts. They don’t wonder what their next steps should be. They don’t wonder what sort of things might possibly be a good idea. They have plans. They have routines. They have an obsession with being the best and how to stay that way. They practice, practice, practice and then practice even more. They don’t think their opponent is an idiot who will screw it all up. They know they need to bring their A game every chance they get or else things will go sideways quickly and they lose.

Boxers count on muscle memory. They train so that they have instinctual responses. You need to train like a boxer.

Most couples have instinctual responses that land them in a world of hurt. I train couples to have instinctual responses that will get them what they want to win in the relationship arena.

You need to rebuild your emotional muscle and recalibrate your brain so that you learn to fight fair, you don’t hit below the belt. You keep it about yourself and point the finger at yourself, not your partner, because chances are you a 50% contributing factor to the mess. 

Boxers have faith in themselves.

They know they can win. They prep for months on end. They treat this as if their life depends on it. They work out for hours and hours. They go at it with the force of a tsunami. They bring so much passion that you can taste it. So why, in one of the most important relationships in your life, do you slack off? Why aren’t you a tsunami? Train like a boxer. 

Go after your relationship and fight for it.

You must condition and train. Nobody else will do this for you, you can’t outsource this one - sorry. You need to bring your A game whenever possible. Do you need to learn to fight like a boxer in your relationship? Let me show you how. There are actual steps you need to take in order to be a pro in your relationship. My practice is based on 30+ years of scientifically validated research specifically devoted to couples. Let me help make you a pro.