It’s Not Fake It Until You Make It, It’s Do It Until You Become It.

Such a profound statement that can relate to all so many areas of our life. If we are faking it, we are likely not genuine or sincere. Our thoughts and actions are not true to our self or desires. Faking can be cynical, sarcastic, resentful or placating someone.

So can you really “make it” then.

Faking it in sports or a relationship is often not sustainable. Eventually our true thoughts or feelings will come through.

“Do it until you become it” is so empowering! We are in control and can make a change if it is our desire. I started trying yoga a while back and recently found an amazing instructor. She emphasizes trying all positions until you believe it and become the position. No comparison, just you and our practice, or position, as far as you can or want to go, until you become it.


The same holds true in our relationships with our partners. If you want a better relationship, I need to “become it.” I need to make an effort to being calmer, less reactive, kinder and more genuine.


Do it until you become it. Such a simple phrase that can change us all.