A Resolution for a New Year

Join me in busting into the New Year with a new mission...create and collect "wow!" moments. This involves intentionally adding awe to your life. Doing so can be a nice counter to the stress and monotony of adulting. It creates vibrancy that you can bring to your relationships. It gets you out of your head and into your life. Be amazed! Be excited! Be grateful! Get inspired! Feel connected!

For me, some recent wow moments include:

  • Watching epic Colorado sunrises

  • Watching snow fall (I'm a California girl...and snow still feels foreign and magical)

  • Traveling and seeing a new city

  • Finding a new trail to hike

  • Laughing as my niece shakes her booty to silly pop music

  • Pushing my body to run faster in a sprint

  • Cracking up at a stand-up show

What makes you say "wow"??