Stop Talking Yourself out of Therapy and Feel Better Today

The average amount of time people wait before seeking help is staggering.  The worst part is that people tend to only seek help when they feel awful or simply can’t handle what is going on any longer. They are agonizing, sometimes in silence and alone, for years.  You try your best to make things better, but a brain that is suffering isn’t going to be able to fix all the problems on it’s own.  You're stuck.

Then you get the courage to ask for help, and you hear this:

Just exercise!  You need some endorphins!  

Oh, I have these great new vitamins that you should try.

Just get over it, geeze it’s been long enough, time to move on.

That wouldn’t bother me, why does it bother you?

It’s just a phase, this too shall pass.

You must not be trying hard enough.

Meditate and do yoga.

Turn that frown upside down!

Sound familiar?!? Guess what? You won’t ever hear anything like that at CCFT.

Whatever you are suffering from, depression, anxiety, grief, relationship problems, eating disorders, mental health issues of all kinds, we will help you.  

We are here to hold your hand, listen to what you are going through and climb that mountain with you.  We are 100% devoted to your wellbeing and are experts in our fields.  Call today and feel better tomorrow. Book a session today on our website, or you can also call us directly:  303-881-3355.

To your wellbeing,

Carrie, Kate, Erika and Sarah