Couples Homework - Week 1

This is my gift to all of you who are dedicated to keeping your marriage or partnership alive and kicking in 2018! Consider this like extra credit that you can do at home and for FREE. Pick and choose what speaks to you, what seems like fun or what might push you outside of your comfort zone. Go forth with a big fist bump in the air because you actively participate in relationship strengthening activities! Feel free to comment on any of the weeks you have chosen to participate in, we would love to hear from you.

This week’s couples counseling homework is being influenced by the Gottman’s work to get to know your partner’s world more intimately. Your partner will have to answer the questions for you and then you will give a reason WHY behind the answers. For example, Sarah says to her partner, name my 2 closest friends. Her partner answers / guesses “Suzy and Heather” and then Sarah says “yes” if the guess is correct or says “nice try but it’s actually “Ashley and Lindsey” and then gives the reason WHY those 2 are her best friends. You want there to be a reason WHY behind the answers. Then you swap and take turns going back and forth answering all the questions. This is done face to face for an engaging conversation so dig deeper and ask more questions about the answers if you feel like it. Have fun!

Week 1:

  1. Name my 2 closest friends.

  2. Tell me what I was wearing when we first met.

  3. Do I like board games? If so which ones and if not, why not?

  4. What is my favorite outdoor activity?

  5. Name my favorite place to vacation.

  6. What is one of my favorite books?

  7. Name a food you are sure I will never try.

  8. Tell me my most embarrassing professional moment.

  9. Protein or carbs?

  10. Surfing or scuba diving?

  11. Dogs or cats? Or…???

  12. Spontaneity or predictability?

  13. Name our worst vacation fight / event / issue etc…

  14. Dive bar or fancy-shmancy?

  15. Snow or sunny beach?

We will be working towards a more connected relationship between you and your partner in 2018, so stay tuned for more! If you feel like you need more help than you find here, please reach out so we can help you and your partner find your connection again.