Couples Homework - Week 2

Over the coming weeks we will be providing free at home couples counseling exercises to help strengthen the bond and connection you and your partner have, or help bring it back if it is suffering.

Welcome to week 2!

Pick one night this week to cook a meal for the two of you. If you are really gutsy, go for something totally new. You may also cook an oldie but goodie. Whatever you decide to cook, make it special in some new way. Here are a few ideas…

  1. Set the table better than you normally would

  2. Bring out the candles

  3. Get some soft lighting

  4. Play their favorite music

  5. Get out their favorite beverage.

  6. Have a dessert planned

  7. Give your partner a card or a meaningful present

  8. You be in charge of the cleanup

This week’s homework is all about making your partner feel special and loved. So put extra effort into this. And for those of you who have crazy schedules or aren’t together at dinner, make a special breakfast in bed or a picnic lunch. Don’t pick something too complicated, it should be enjoyable on your side as well. This could be a surprise or a planned event, something to look forward to doing with your partner. Let us know how it goes!

Working through the homework and still feeling stuck? Contact us today so we can help you and your partner face your issues and get back to a loving, healthy relationship.