More Than Just "Sober October"

So, you may have heard of "Sober October" where people give up alcohol and drugs during October. While the idea originated in the UK as a fundraiser for cancer support, it has morphed into being a month-long lifestyle change where you curb substance use in order to get ready for the holidays. 

I support this! 

And, I want to up the ante and expand on the intention of sober October. 

With substances out of the picture, there is a chance we are still not present and still not healthy and still not intentionally lengthening our emotional fuse for the holidays. Maybe you cross-addict and now are eating or shopping instead of drinking. Or you're not hanging at the bar, so you're less social and start to feel isolated. Or you fill the void of substance use with staying constantly distracted with TV or podcasts. 

If you're not drinking or using (or even if you're not participating in Sober October), now might be a good time before the holidays come to be intentional with improving your wellbeing. Maybe you pick one thing to do this month to improve your health. Maybe you do a mindfulness practice (I committed to a daily formal meditation sesh for the month and have loving the "Waking Up" app for a daily guided mindfulness practice). Maybe you take time to connect to others or spend time journaling, or go in for a tune-up sesh (or two..) of therapy. 

Big or small, each change you make is important! Enjoy your October, however you decide to.