Wonderful Wednesday

My daughter runs to me with wide arms and a huge smile. I give her a kiss and ask, "How was school?!" Quickly her smile turns upside down and a tear rolls down her cheek. "Today was Wonderful Wednesday, and it wasn't wonderful. I didn't get a Hershey Kiss. I forgot my book."

She is 5 years old.  I give her another hug as she looks me in the eye and asks "Mommy, can we still make this Wonderful Wednesday starting now?"  WOW! YES we can!!

Anyone can wake up on the wrong side of the bed, almost get hit by a car, or forget their book and not get a Hershey Kiss.

But it is about our next decision that matters.We can cry it out, laugh it off, dwell on it or let it go.

How do you let it go? Here are a few small but mighty ways to let it go.

  • Meditate or pray

  • Scream out loud or into a pillow

  • Cry

  • Go for a walk or run

  • Cook

  • Hug your furry friend

  • Call a friend

  • Write down all your frustrations or anxieties

What works for you? 

Find a healthy way to let go and practice it every day for a week - do it for small things and big. Practice taking 5 deep breaths, going for a walk around the block, splash yourself with water. Let it go and remember you have a choice in making Wonderful Wednesday still GREAT even at 2.40pm on a Wednesday.