"The Dog Rule" for Basic Self Care

Poor self esteem and poor self care is rampant. We abuse ourselves with food, alcohol, drugs, compulsive exercising...you name it. Maybe even worse is the internal shaming and belittling we do to ourselves on a near constant basis. We've been doing it so long that we forget what's normal,healthy and effective.

Enter "The Dog Rule” - "The dog rule" says: if you wouldn't do it to your dog, don't do it to yourself.

So if you wouldn't stuff your dog with junk food or starve your dog or make it vomit after a meal (absurd and horrific when applied to a dog, yet humans with eating disorders do it all the time), then don't do it to yourself.

If you wouldn't wouldn't tranquilize your dog with alcohol or drugs when it was upset or excited, don't do it to yourself.

If you wouldn't take your dog on epic walks or marathon dog park sessions without water or food or sleep or despite protests from the dog (people pleasers, codependents, workaholics, and those stricken with chronic FOMO do this ALL the time in a slightly different yet analogous form), then don't do it to yourself.

If you wouldn't tell incessantly at your dog or ignore it when it makes a mistake or does something you don't like, don't do it to yourself.

Instead, treat yourself at least as good as a dog. Get sleep and rest, have fun and get exercise, eat well, and give yourself grace and praise.

If you need support or guidance in applying the Dog Rule or feel like you need a Dog Whisperer to help you deal more effectively with your inner dog, we’re here to help. Reach out today and start feeling better tomorrow!