Take a Vacation

Adulting is tough. We go, go, go. Give, give, give. Stress, stress, stress. Rinse and repeat. Gross.

We need rest. We need joy. We need to have times of being footloose and fancy free.

We are often afforded the space to learn, explore, relax, and be silly as kids. But for some reason, if were not proactive, we lose this or give it up as adults.

I know that there are responsibilities of family and work. But that doesn't mean we can't have fun too. In fact, if we don't proactively create fun and joy and a space without responsibility, we end up depressed, resentful, and bored. This can lead people to managing their stress and anxiety with drugs, alcohol, shopping, affairs, etc (all of which, on some level, can function as a rebellion to constant adulting and an attempt to find fun).

But instead of ignoring that need for a break, why not lean into it? Why not let yourself explore ways to take a vacation, feel like a kid, break free from the shackles of daily life. It can be anything from taking a legit vacation, going out without a curfew, turning your phone off for an extended period of time, playing a sport, spending time in nature, see a comedy show, painting, etc. Sky's the limit. Do something consistently and proactively to connect to your inner child, disconnect from responsibility, and embrace creativity and fun.

Go have fun! If you still need help with the stressors of every day life, contact us and we will help you get back on track.